6 reasons to love the Ecomenities sustainable hotel soap dispenser

Travelers today are looking for environmentally responsible experiences and more especially for sustainable hotels.  Given that a hotel guest generates around 1kg of waste per day – think single use and single serve everything from soap to sugar – it would be easy to think that much of the hospitality industry is unaware of its own impact on our planet.

We have estimated that more that 200 million mini hotel soaps are used in Australia each year alone.  Hotel bathrooms are probably the easiest room to tackle when it comes to reducing waste.  As much as we all love mini anything – and we are all guilty of having a few hotel mini soaps tucked away in a drawer in our own bathrooms (only to be eventually thrown away) – they really are something that we can well and truly live without.

There are a few soap dispensers around but here are 6 great reasons we love our Ecomenities system:

1.Great for the environment. Sustainable hotels around the world are ditching mini soaps and showing their guests that they care about the environment.

2. Lockable and tamper proof. Guests want to know that no one has been poking around in the soap, plus it allows hotels to provide better quality (ie more expensive) soap products without the cost of guests walking out with them as a souvenir. In the era of COVID-19 we all want to know that our hotel toiletries are safe and the locked bracket ensures no product tampering.

3. Sleek and stylish.  Most soap dispensers look as though they are straight out of the local swimming pool, but the team at Ecomenities have spent a lot of design hours making the bracket look seamless with a flat hidden lock on the side of the bracket. Early research showed that guests did not like seeing a lock on the soap dispenser which sent a message that the hotel did not trust guests not to steal the soap.

4. Bulk soap saves money! Yes, buying soap in 20L containers reduces the cost of hotel toiletries. There is less than a 12 month pay back period of the initial set up costs of the wall mounted bracket and bulk soap investment. That’s a pretty quick return on investment. Lower costs mean hotels can invest in a better quality product.

5. Reduces waste and bathroom clutter. One hotel room can use over 1000 mini soap bottles per year. Not only are these plastic bottles not recyclable (they are too small for the recycling machines so at best will end up in landfill), but as we all know, you can never get all the product out so it ends up leaching out into our waterways. Having the soap neatly secured in the shower leaves bench tops and shelves free of clutter making it quicker and easier to clean.

6. Australian designed bracket and Australian made soap selection. Our stainless steel bracket was designed by hotel owners, for hotels. It is currently being manufactured in Taiwan but we are hoping to secure an Australian manufacturer soon. All of our soap is made in Australia and is not tested on animals; vegan friendly; SLS free; paraben-free; silicon-free; no artificial fragrances.

Now is the time to get rid of those environment-damaging mini soaps and change to the Ecomenities soap dispenser system and join other sustainable hotels around the world.