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We have designed a beautiful dispenser to enhance your bathrooms, save money and the environment.

Reduces single use plastics

No more need for hotel mini soaps!  Our liquid soaps are supplied in 20L containers to refill our stylish 250ml bathroom bottles. Spare bottles and pumps are supplied with every bracket. No more mini soap waste going to landfill, and no more bathroom clutter.

Cheaper than mini soaps

Because the liquid soap is purchased in 20L containers the costs are reduced, plus there is no wastage as guests use only how much they need, delivered by the 2cc pumps.  Cleaners only need refill the bottles when required (avg. once every 3-4 weeks for a fully occupied double room). The average payback period on the Ecomenities soap system is less than 12 months.

Your eco credentials

Show your guests that you really care about the environment and have taken positive steps to remove single use plastics from your hotel. We provide promotional material in (print and electronic formats) for your establishment to let your guests know you care.


Thoughtful design

The Ecomenities brackets have been developed and designed by hotel owners, for hotels owners.  Our stylish, simple bracket holds 3 bottles that are printed so that they always look full to guests.  There is a small 'window' in each bottle so that cleaners can easily see when they need refilling. Our brackets are made from marine grade stainless steel with an electrolytic plating. They will last a lifetime.

Lockable and tamper proof

The Ecomenities bracket has a clever, secret locking system that is hidden from guests.  Not only preventing theft, our system is also tamper proof so guests can use the soaps with the confidence they expect.

Easy to install and operate

We recommend that the Ecomenities bracket be attached to tiled walls using silicon, reducing damage to your bathrooms.  Cleaning staff can easily open the bracket using the magnetic locking system. The bracket locks automatically when pushed closed - no need for the key - therefore saving valuable cleaning time.