Soap dispenser – 3 bottle – matte black


3 bottle stainless steel brackets powder coated in matte black with 3 soap bottles and matte black pumps


Hotel Soap Dispenser – 3 bottle – matte black

When you purchase the hotel soap dispenser you will received:

  • 1 x matte black stainless steel bracket for use with 3 x 250ml soap bottles
  • 3 x 250ml branded soap bottles with pumps (1 x shampoo; 1 x conditioner; 1 x body wash)
  • Magnet key (1 per order)
  • Installation and operation instruction sheet
  • Additional individual items can be purchased separately
  • Liquid soap sold separately

When you install the Ecomenities hotel soap dispenser you are getting the most environmentally friendly hotel soap system in Australia.  Your guest bathrooms will change from waste creators to waste avoiders.  Because the guest room bottles are refilled and reused, this is a truly ZERO WASTE system.

Our sleek matte black soap dispensers are perfect for contemporary monochrome bathrooms and look especially good when paired with black tapware and our black and white Taylor+Harrison Fig & Olive Soapware range.

Our dispenser is designed by hotel owners for hotels.  The bracket showcases your chosen soap and is designed to be sleek and unobtrusive. There is a hidden lock, so your guests are reassured that the bottles are completely tamper-proof. The bottles are designed so they always look full to guests. But cleaners can easily twist the bottle to check the levels and swap them when required.

In a fully occupied double room, the body wash will last 21 days, the shampoo 35 days and the conditioner 60 days. Because there is NO WASTE your soap costs can be as little as 28 cents per day for a double room. This does not mean you are providing a lower quality soap – you are just purchasing in bulk.

Bottles and labels are made from recyclable PET plastic. If your bottles or pumps are damaged or broken just send them back to us and we will replace them for free.

Find out how our system works in the short video here.

Designed in Australia.

NOTE: These prices for our hotel soap dispenser are when bought together with a soap from the Ecomenities range. If you wish to rebrand our bottles with your logo or use your own soap please contact us for a separate quote.