Single use plastics ban becomes a national effort

State-based bans on single use microbeads, plastic straws, cutlery, plates, expanded polystyrene food containers and cotton buds have been changed to a national approach.  The state based approach was a headache for suppliers and retailers who operate in more than one state. The change to national deadlines is better for the environment and much easier…

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Changing behaviour – it’s not as hard as you think

Single use plastic bags – how we changed our behaviour and hardly noticed Like the plastic bag ban here in NSW, it really comes down to a change in behaviour. As humans, we get so comfortable with the status quo, and fear change, that we often don’t see the benefits of an upgrade or improvement…

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Keep up the fight against plastic

It sometimes seems ridiculous to care about a few plastic bottles when we look at what is happening around the world. Just as we could see the light at the end of the Covid tunnel, it now feels that if your not under floodwater, your under bombs. And the associated destruction of the environment that…

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Addicted to (single use) plastic

Zero waste hotel breakfast

Hotels and accommodation providers can easily be viewed as waste generators.  Everything is wrapped in plastic – often for safety and hygiene purposes – but there is plenty of unnecessary single use plastic that can be taken out of the waste stream. But we are addicted to single use and single serve items – now…

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Are you a green hotel, or a greenwash hotel?

solar panels on roof landscape

  Travellers love a sustainable hotel experience, but are you a greenwash hotel or a green hotel? It’s pretty easy to show your guests that you have made significant changes to help the environment and protect our planet.  You don’t need a fancy award or an expensive auditing company. You just need to make some…

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Want to be a green hotel? 5 easy ways to reduce waste

Waste free hotel breakfast

There are plenty of hotels touting their green credentials out there but be careful – there’s plenty of greenwash when it comes to eco accommodation.  Traveler surveys show that guests are looking for a more environmentally friendly experience and anyone who has ever stayed at a hotel will know the waste-generating machines they are. Going…

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Not all soap dispensers are created equal

Hotel soap dispenser with features labeled.

                    There are a lot of aspects to consider when choosing a soap dispenser – more than you would think. We’ve put together an infographic for you to see all the benefits of our hotel soap system.  Because it’s designed by hotel owners with input from…

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Hotel bathroom amenities during Covid: what stays and what goes?


  We are often asked about how to manage guest expectations for hotel bathroom amenities and how to manage them during COVID-19. There’s little information on the NSW Government COVID Safe website save for the square metre rules and links to fill out your COVID safe plan. Guests expect a certain range of items to…

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South Australia bans single use plastics

    Great news from the SA Government: single use plastics banned from 1 March 2021. Single use plastic straws, cutlery and drink stirrers will be the first to go in the move to rid the state of polluting, unnecessary single use plastic items. The Replace the Waste campaign will help the public and businesses…

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